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Ryan - Guitar/Vocals
Cnris - Bass/Vocals
Burger -Drums/Vocals


released March 16, 2017

Recorded 03/11-12/17 @ King Benny Productions. Houston Texas.
by Jakob Rodriguez/Pee Wee Ruiz





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MOTHS Houston

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Track Name: Likes
these unrepairable forms of media have you eating trash as common sense.
somebody end this fucking game of controlled emotional value already
so we can move onto the next form of ass backwards gratification.
Believing your testimony of today isn't delusional and subjective.
fuck your dialect.
Track Name: Scums
from an outside in perspective we are walking violations
destructive and entitled.

Your status is no excuse for what you are: an ignorant, misguided child
Fuck your culture, we will not tolerate you

respect is a simple word that falls short of your insecurities
like a selfish child that can't put two letters together

these fucked up fantasies are no ones to bear but your own.

not worthy of the attention you forcefully beckon.
keep your words and hands to yourself
they're just trying to make it home.
Track Name: Mes
everything in my eyes is constantly resistant
consistently forming warmth into hate
misery pushing away all forms of existence
trust is nothing that is part of my fate

to explain.....

traumatic insinuations are common ground for the uprising in personal despair
words go on and on like currency for emotion.
constantly making sense of what isn't real.
holding things that mean nothing
and with that said, all is falsely uplifted
You don't mean a fucking thing and neither do I.
making the growth of inspiration and genuine feelings of warmth no more than a temporary drug in time.
misplaced appreciation leads to emplaced negativity.